Our signature product, SugaVida is the most nutritious natural sweetener and sugar substitute on the planet and is the only product that uses the wonderful nectar from the Palmyra tree outside of India in this useable, versatile powder form.

This is the ultimate superfood sweetener and is the only plant source of bioavailable Vitamin B12 found in nature. It is also the only alkalising, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal natural sweetener in the world, it helps to break down sugar addiction and normalises blood insulin levels making it ideal for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

As our SugaVida comes in a unique powdered form, making it the obvious, tasty and healthy choice to replace the need for sugar in any baked goods or cooking. It comes in a handy, resealable pouch which means you can store it or transport it easily without worrying about it spoiling.

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SugaVida is...

Deliciously Sweet

Organically and sustainably derived from the sap of the Palmyra palm tree, SugaVida has an award- winning caramel- like flavour and can be used in anything from cakes to curries. As it is so naturally sweet, you can actually use 50% less than you would normal refined sugar.

Diabetic Friendly

SugaVida is becoming known as the 'sugar for diabetics' due to its low GI of 35 and composition of only 3.1 grams of fructose sugar per 100 grams: it's the ideal way to safely indulge a sweet tooth.

A Vegan source of Vitamin B12

We believe that SugaVida is currently the only bio- available plant- based source of vitamin B12 found in nature, with just one tablespoon containing more than 130% of your recommended daily need. This enables vegans & vegetarians to supplement this essential nutrient in a highly absorbable food state form. A revolution!

A Superfood

As a superfood, SugaVida is also rich in other B vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining good health including Iron, Potassium and Magnesium.

Nature’s Helper

Many of our customers tell us SugaVida has aided them in achieving a good night's sleep by taking a level teaspoon in hot water or warm milk ten minutes before going to bed.

If you suffer from either stress, hyperactivity or lethargy, we suggest harnessing the vitamin B power of SugaVida by taking a level teaspoon first thing in the morning to help you have a wonderfully calm and energetic day! SugaVida is easily added your tea, coffee, juice or smoothie.

We have many letters on file from many clients who swear by SugaVida and believe their quality of life has improved significantly because of it!

A Sugar Substitute

Due to its superior nutritional content SugaVida does not provide 'empty calories' in the way that processed sugar does, and therefore does not share its highly addictive and harmful properties. Answering sugar cravings with SugaVida has been shown to help break down the opiate-like addiction to white sugar in the brain whilst providing goodness for the body.

Why not wean yourself off the white, refined sugar (which we all know is not good for you) and experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of SugaVida (fabulously good for you) today.

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