Sugavida - pack of 6

Sugavida - pack of 6

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SugaVida is the most nutritious natural sweetener on the planet and is the only product that uses the wonderful nectar from the Palmyra tree outside of India in this useable, versatile powder form.

This sweet superfood is rich in B vitamins & minerals and is the only plant- based source of bioavailable vitamin B12 found in nature.

SugaVida can help to break down refined sugar addiction and is the ideal low GI choice for diabetics who want to enjoy sweetness in their diet.

For obvious, tasty and healthy choice to replace the need for sugar in beverages, baked goods or cooking, try SugaVida today! 

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  • Suitable for baking, cooking, sprinkling on food and stirring in drinks
  • Low GI of 35
  • Rich in Vitamin B12
  • Low fructose
  • Diabetic friendly (as part of a healthy diet), so no sugar crashes
  • Vitamin and mineral rich
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Gluten free
  • Can help curb addiction to refined sugar
  • Ethically and sustainably farmed
  • 100% organic